Global Media Services

We bring you the world

Global Media Services is a leader in providing Live Shots, Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and Production services. Capitalizing on its self owned satellite airspace and extensive fiber optics network infrastructure, GMS is able to provide timely, up to the minute, live broadcast feeds to anywhere in the globe.


GMS is a leader in providing Electronic News Gathering and Production Services.  Using the latest equipment and well-qualified crew, we are available to work everywhere in the world. Our crew is flexible to be able to work effectively in diverse environments and with as much or as little equipment as circumstances permit.

Whether shooting in FULL HD in 35/16mm, HD, Digital beta or DVCam, Global Media Services produces at all budget levels from high-end on-location shoots to low-budget using small-format cameras.

“We Bring you the World” through news, documentaries, commercials, television programming, and advertising solutions.


Working with in-house correspondents from around the globe, GMS provides quality news coverage to networks in the U.S., Middle East, and Europe.  They work closely with GMS’s skilled camera and editing crews and utilize the Washington, DC and New York offices extensively to provide up-to-date news coverage from the U.S.  GMS has full legal rights of CBS news service to offer the reporters the best live and archived footage needed for their reports including on-demand features.


GMS has  professional, modern, full-service studios in Washington, DC and New York for television programming production.  Ideal for talk shows and live-shots, our studios are equipped to produce in Full HD, PAL/NTSC-ATSC, 16:9, 4:3, live or pre-recorded.  These studios are crewed by our best engineers, camera operators, audio operators, translators, and make-up artists.